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The random output of a Windows developer.

DK Development

The random output of a Windows developer.

Potential employee Y U NO GITHUB

In the last few years I have started to become more and more public with my side projects, some of them have even become quite popular.

I'd like to think I have a decent online presence for a .NET Developer, my Github Account has 5 original public repos, I have this blog that gets over 100 hits per day, I even have a few apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace to my name.

So the past month or so we have been on the hunt for a new Software Developer at Ardent Leisure to expand our small team. We put an ad out on seek and got about 40 applications. 40 Seems pretty good and a lot of the resumes showed a lot of potential for the job with work experience and education. Thats all well and good on paper but we wanted to see proof that they do infact have the skills they claim to. So, to Google!

I guess I may have just had high expectations after looking at the online presence of some of my developer friends who I have worked with.

Lets get back to our 40 applications, I did a fair bit of research on these before compiling a 'short-list' and this is what I found:

  • LinkedIn - 14
  • Twitter - 2
  • Github - 0
  • Website of some sort - 1

Now I know just having a Github account doesn't make you an excellent developer.

However it does help to get you noticed by potential employers if you have more to show off that is publicly accessible. This also includes anything you have previously worked on in the past. For example I have a portfolio section on my CV which includes among other things this blog and which even though they aren't hugely popular they are still a good example of some of the work I have previously done.

To me I see my resume itself as a formality rather than something to actually gauge my skillset off.

So how do you show off your skills when applying for a job? Do you rely on an impressive resume? Do you have an online presence ready for employers? Do you try for both?

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