DK Development

My journey as a Developer, Tech Lead, Tinkerer.

My Home Assistant Docker Compose file

Setting up a docker-compose file for all your Home Assistant services

Basic remote PC monitoring through Home Assistant

How to setup hard drive status monitoring through Home Assistant

Google Lighthouse CI Server Automation

Getting a Google Lighthouse CI server setup on docker with automated daily reports.

Tips and tricks for Github Pages

Some tips and tricks I have picked up over the years using Github Pages.

Getting started with Singer and Docker

Using docker containers to automate ETL tap for Google Analytics with the PostgreSQL target.

Working Remotely (and how)

Tips for dealing with some of the challenges of working remotely.

Building a Discord voice bot with Discord.NET

Getting started with Discord.NET to create a bot that uses voice on Discord.

Responsive xaml properties in Xamarin.Forms

Look at how IMarkupExtension could be used to create dynamic properties based on screen size.

Handling image paths in Xamarin.Forms on UWP

What's the deal with cordova on WP

Mac-less iOS PhoneGap builds

Converting ANID (WP7) to ANID2 (WP8)