DroppedBoxx v1.1 – Dropbox for Windows Mobile

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Update: I have now released DroppedBoxx as Open Source, the source and a downloadable cab are now available over at Github (https://github.com/dkarzon/DroppedBoxx)

I have been developing a Dropbox Client for Windows Mobile called DroppedBoxx and I thought I'd take some time to talk about how it works, my plans for its future and talk about some of the new features of the latest version v1.1 which has now been released to the Windows Phone Marketplace.


Firstly, the new features in v1.1 include: (Full Changelog)

  • Two-way Syncing of selected folders
  • Updated UI (Labeled buttons, Background Uploading, Sync Folders screen is updated so you know when its syncing)
  • Bug fixes for the Attach to Email and errors caused by loss of connection
  • Added settings for camera resolution


This screen is where the User Logs in user their dropbox account. Login button trys to login, keyboard button shows the Windows Mobile SIP keyboard. Exit button exits the app. Remember me saves your login details so next time you run the app your automatically logged in.


Sync Folders/Home Screen:

This is pretty much the Home screen for the application. From here you can add folders for Syncing by clicking New and browsing the phones file system and selecting a Folder to add. The Logout button on the top right obviously logs you out returning to the login screen.

The 5 Buttons down the bottom:

  • The Sync button starts the “Sync†process syncing the folders in the list to your dropbox account into a folder called “Droppedboxx†(Note: this feature is unavailable in the Beta versions, more on that later)
  • The Dropbox Button opens up the root folder of dropbox for you to browse.
  • The settings button opens the settings screen where you can change app settings (such as Clearing saved login, max file sizes and camera resolution.
  • The Info button is to show the dropbox User info, including quota and usage but also DroppedBoxx version information and data used by this DroppedBoxx session.
  • The Exit button closes the app.


Browse Dropbox:

This is where most of the functionality is, from this screen we can upload, download, delete, etc. files from Dropbox. Starting at the top, the Back Button takes you “up†a directory in the Dropbox file system or, if your in the dropbox root, takes you back to the Home Screen. The Upload button lets you browse the phones file system and select a file to upload.

Here you have a list of Files and folders that are in the current folder on Dropbox selecting a folder opens up that folder.

The bottom button panel:

  • The Camera button opens up the Windows Mobile camera application and when you take a photo it uploads it to the folder you are currently in in the Dropbox browser.
  • The new folder button simply creates a new folder in the current folder, opening up a dialog to enter the Name.
  • The Delete folder button Deletes the current folder your in (asking for confirmation first)
  • The Paste button is for moving/copying files, if you have a file in the “clipboard†pressing this button will ask if you want to copy or move the file to this folder. (More info in file menu)
  • The Back Button goes back to the sync folders screen (The Back button on the top left goes up a directory or back to sync folders if your in the dropbox root)

ScreenShot4 The File Menu:

This is the menu that comes up after selecting a dropbox file.

  • Save Button Downloads the selected file (opening a file system browser to set the download folder)
  • Email button, downloads the file to a temp folder and attaches it to a New email message in Pocket Outlook (assuming this is set up it firsts asks you to select the account)
  • The Copy button puts the selected file in the “clipboard†so you can paste it somewhere else in the dropbox file system (giving you options to Copy or Move the file)
  • The bin button deletes the selected file (asking for confirmation first)
  • The –Menu button simply closes the file menu (to allow access to the Folder menu again)


Here you can change the Settings of the application such as clearing saved login details, setting a max filesize for sycning and setting the camera resolution for camera uploads.


This screen displays application and user info. It shows the DroppedBoxx version number and data sent and received by the application for this session. As well as the users dropbox quota information.


DroppedBoxx can be downloaded from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Also you can follow the discussion about this app by going to the thread on XDA.