CodeTrackÔÇôSource control monitor for Windows Phone 7

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HomeCodeTrack is a Windows Phone 7 app for monitoring source control repositories.

Recently I have become more and more active in the open source community, with many different projects on the go, be it for work or a side project im working on or something else entirely. So I wanted an application where I could keep up with progress on these projects as well as others, and this is how the idea of CodeTrack came about.

CodeTrack has been designed to be as simple as possible. Users add repos, they appear in their list, commits show up in their feed and they get push notifications when commits happen.

Current Features:

  • Ability to add Repositories from Github (public only) by searching
  • SVN Repository support
  • View commit feed of all "watched" repositories
  • Push Notifications for when new commits arrive
  • Shake to refresh

Planned Future Features:

  • Push Notifications per repository (allowing the user to set which repos they want to be notified of new commits for)
  • Live Tile showing the number of unread commits from CodeTrack
  • Commit view screen showing the list of updated files
  • Ability to add private Github Repos
  • More source control providers (TFS, BitBucket, CodePlex)

Watch CodeTrack in action on YouTube.

CodeTrack has now been removed from the store