BoxShot v2.0: Mango, Logo, Pictures hub and more

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So I got a fair bit of feedback from the old BoxShot logo and how most of my users disliked it (some even called it offensive). Now that I’ve had my fun I decided to put together a serious update for the app, here is what this new update (that I am calling v2.0) includes:



As mentioned before I have changed the logo, this gives the app a more professional look and fits in much better with the Metro UI of Windows Phone. Hope you all like it.



Its now Mango...

This version is build for Mango so it takes advantage of fast app switching and general Mango goodness.

Picture Hub Integration

BoxShot now integrates into the Pictures Hub, so you can share your photos through BoxShot to your dropbox folder.

New Dropbox API

Dropbox have recently updated their API to be more secure. For a user this pretty much means the login process has changed, so now instead of giving the app the Email and Password you login to the dropbox mobile site and give permission to BoxShot.Tile - Copy

Background Live Tile

The Live Tiles are now generated on the phone itself with a background agent, this makes them much more stable.



BoxShot now lets you send out referral links to email or social networks so you can get that extra free space!


  • Some UI fixes (better following the metro style guide)
  • Few bug fixes (to do with ads and the tile colour picker)
  • Picture view now rotates and can pinch to zoom






Download it now from the Windows Phone Marketplace!

Ad-Free Version:

Free Version:


Future Versions

I'm always open to feedback about what new features users would like to see but heres a list of whats on the roadmap.

  • Pin Folders to start screen (maybe files as well)
  • Thumbnails for pictures
  • Fix bug when uploading files with international characters


All of the above features have now been implemented in v2.2 (Thumbnails and international characters fixed in v2.1)